Monday, January 01, 2007

Melodie, on the couch next to me, just said the following sentence:

"Ooh. Soul patches are such a bad idea, Brian Boitano."

Also see this article. Happy New Year, people.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is scribeguy from Livejournal. You told me to check my c-cafe account. Sadly, I cannot do so, as my free trial has expired (although they will likely give me another free trial in a month or so). If you'd like to correspond, I am maximusmonk on AIM or you can send an email to

May the Schwartz be with you. Always.

Anonymous said...

...And another thing. I noticed you have a link to the New Pantagruel (or however that's spelled). One of my former college professors writes for them.

Anonymous said...

see how good this blogging thing can be for your dating life?!!

to all men reading this: she only dates men who speak middle english and love jesus.

scribeguy said...

But first I praye you of youre courteisye
That ye n'arette it nought my vilainye
Though that I plainly speke in this matere.

scribeguy said...

And also...

Now gooth sunne under wode:
Me reweth, Marye, thy faire rode.
Now gooth sunne under tree:
Me reweth, Marye, thy sone and thee.