Saturday, January 27, 2007

more cat

so there are just enormous numbers of kittens in my life now. There's the one at home. Then there's Hermione, who is on my lap lounging over my right arm as I type this, and Ron, who climbed up my back and as I was starting this post. (Now he's crouched next to me and Hermione is trying to use my mouse pad, or something.) And then of course there are Deacon Chapin and Betsey Ross, who belong to my dad and are making him and Barbara act very extreme and kitten-centric...What is this? Are there certain seasons in one's life when it's Kitten Time?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Our household has a new member. His name (for reasons that are a little unclear to me...for which read, It was Rachel W's idea) is Todd-Joplin Sebastien Henry. This sounds to me like a name late-80's yuppies would have given their kid. He is about nine inches high and fifteen inches long, not including the tail. He's also very quick, and has escape artist skills.

He has already tried to fall into the toilet once. We feel that this is behavior that he will grow out of.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

so this baby walks into a coffeehouse...

at woodstar last night I ran into Miles (aged, I think, 11 months) and his parents (miles was attached to his father's ventral side with a snugli.) His parents and I say hello and chat for a minute, and then everyone kind of looks at Miles, to include him in the socializing, and there's this tiny pause, and he tips his sippy cup towards me, offering me some of his juice. The body language was unmistakable-- like he was thinking "man, if my parents aren't going to offer this chick anything to drink I guess I should." "I'm all set, but thanks," I said, and his father said (something like) "I think she's good, honey."

How polite these children are. And Ella's downstairs now getting her picture taken...

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Here, fabulously, is the Scriptores site, up and running. Soon it will have subpages, and links out, and Aaron's Zombie Bronte poem, and possibly an Upcoming Pioneer Valley Christian Geek Events Listing of some sort. Thanks, girls!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

So I somehow stayed up till like 2:30 last night reading this vampire novel...

and here's my thought: if there were actually vampires, I bet a major social/psychological problem within the vampire community would be procrastination. It would be like the ultimate extension of that phenomenon where it's harder to get stuff done, even stuff you want to do, when you haven't got a job to go to. Think about your typical vampire: he's unemployed, he has no deadlines (so to speak)...other than a couple of self-directed Martha Stewart/Type A vampires, as uncommon in the vampire world as in the human world, who would actually be the ones to get around to organizing world conspiracies, you'd basically have a batch of people with none of that sense of the ticking biological clock that gets so many of us to actually get around to writing books and so forth. I bet they would be major slackers.

You know?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Melodie, on the couch next to me, just said the following sentence:

"Ooh. Soul patches are such a bad idea, Brian Boitano."

Also see this article. Happy New Year, people.