Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Best quote from Tom Keehn's 90th birthday bash this past weekend:

Tom (at the podium, into the microphone, with deep satisfaction): "All the really well-dressed ones are my grandchildren."

We did look sharp. Mom said he'd given up on getting his kids to dress formally sometime in the late '60's, and suggested that he'd appreciate fanciness. Photos here.


Anonymous said...

but... the cousin with the big fluffy hair. no matter what he's wearing, I just can't see past the white-man-afro! -r

Susannah said...

He may be cutting it. So says Mayor Val, his mom. He's tried out for a part in a school play which does not feature white afros.

Leslie Higgins said...

At least the kids dressed well one day of their lives. Since the 1960s, dress in our Nation has been so much less feminine. Suzanna, you should check out Colleen hammond's Dressing with Dignity, a book my mother very much enjoyed, but which my dad thought was insane.
From now on, I shall be known as Crusader 88, the chivalric Catholic pundit the liberals and atheists fear!
In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
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